Build it like it matters.
Because it does.

At ESCO, we couple our in-depth knowledge of advanced building physics with decades of real-world experience to make sure your high-performance building project yields high-performance results: outstanding energy efficiency, long-term durability, and the comfort and well-being of its occupants.

The physics of building—applied to perform.

ESCO merges theory, simulations, and modeling with real-world practicality and expert execution. When it comes to building it the right way, there’s no such thing as little details. Whether you’re a builder, architect, or property owner, whether your project is an ultra-advanced Passivhaus project or a forensic analysis to diagnose and heal an existing “sick” building, to us, every client relationship is a partnership—every project, a collaboration.

Building Energy Simulation & Modeling

Building Energy Simulation

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), Fraunhofer WUFI PASSIVE/PLUS, Building Enclosure Systems, Solar Energy Balances, Daylighting, Shading, Thermal Mass, Room by Room Load & Comfort Analysis

Hygrothermal Analysis

Hygrothermal Analysis

Fraunhofer WUFI PRO Building Enclosure Assembly Dynamic Simulations, Condensation & Moisture Accumulation, Drying Potential, ASHRAE 160 Compliance

Thermal Bridging Analysis

Thermal Bridging Analysis

2D Finite Element Heat Transfer, Assembly U-Value Calculations, PSI Value Calculations, Surface Temperature Calculations, Mold & Condensation Risk Evaluation

Forensic Investigations & Energy Audits

Forensic Investigations & Energy Audits

Energy & Thermal Building Assessments, Moisture Intrusion Surveys, Ice Dam & Roof System Analysis, Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing

Building Testing & Commissioning

Building Testing & Commissioning

Infrared Thermography, Whole Building Air Tightness Testing, Duct Testing, Ventilation System Commissioning

Mechanicals & Renewable Energy Systems

HVAC & Renewable Energy Systems

Energy & HVAC Load Calculations for Low-Energy, Net-Zero Energy, and Positive Energy Buildings, Solar PV Sizing, Solar Thermal Analysis, Heat Pump & ERV/HRV Systems

About Us

  • Skylar Swinford
    Skylar SwinfordPrincipal, Energy & Enclosure Consultant

ESCO is led by building energy and enclosure consultant, Skylar Swinford. ESCO was born to bring the 20 years of real-world field won experience gained by its parent company, EnergySeal Air Barrier Systems, to architects, builders, and project owners. The knowledge amassed from more than two decades of real-world experience of applying insulation and waterproofing systems in the the extreme mountain environment of McCall, Idaho, has proven truly unique.

Skylar graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from Willamette University in 2007 and has worked in the high performance building industry since. Skylar is a Certified Passivhaus Consultant, PHIUS+ Rater, and a BPI-certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, and has consulted on hundreds of residential and commercial building projects in the Northwest and across North America. This ranges from his work on highly visible Net-Zero Energy and Certified Passivhaus projects, to the forensic evaluation of failed buildings.

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No matter its size or nature—your building is an asset. Don’t let it become a liability. ESCO will help you build in cost-savings and efficiencies every step of the way that deliver benefits throughout the lifecycle of your building. Drop us a line today.